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Revolutionary, modular engine EduApps

Eduwarebox is an engine that enables you to create your own services based on technology solutions for the education industry. The ready to use Eduwarebox components reduce costs and speed up the process of launching educational platforms.


Capabilities of the Eduwarebox engine

Real-time communication

Instant messaging (chat / audio / video), live sessions for teachers and students, group collaboration.

Data analysis

Easy data collection and to facilitate planning processes.

Managing the learning workflow

Tasks – a tool for creating homework, class/group collaboration, and track student progress.

Content management

Content distribution and licensing management, multiple options for resource organization, dedicated content players.

Creating educational content

Authoring tools used to create content, quizzes, presentations, playlists, interactive content design.

Manage user data

User repository, organizational structure, creation and management of groups.

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    Examples of implementations
    of Eduwarebox

    Features of the Eduwarebox solution

    Create tailor-made solution

    Create inspiring custom solutions. Grow your brand. Ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.


    Eduwarebox provides ongoing updates and support.

    Data security

    Highest standards of data security. No compromises.

    Container deployment

    Flawless deployments in cloud or local environments.

    Integration with any third-party system

    An open architecture that allows you to modify and add solutions and facilitate integration with other systems.

    Performance and Scalability

    Speed and reliability – Micro-services architecture, noSQL, SPA UI, responsive and friendly interface. Exceptional performance, no matter how many users, how much data you need, and how complex it is.

    The implementation of the Eduwarebox

    • Viki
    • Kozmix
    • Educational Platform
    • Educational LMS
    • Clevis

    VIKI is a system-based learning solution that provides a learning and collaboration environment between schools and publishers. The platform has been implemented for the Ministry of Education in Slovakia and currently has more than 700 000 users. It is designed to engage students and support distance learning with digital tools.

    Kozmix is an online platform where you can access digital educational materials in a structured, hierarchical library … all with game-play elements to keep your students engaged.

    The Wielkopolskie@ 2020 Educational Platform helps to improve the quality of education at every level of general education in 700 schools.

    The Platform used by the Digital School of Wielkopolska@ 2020 provides a set of tools to assist teams in running their projects.

    The implementation of the projects is supervised by Researchers from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

    The Educational LMS is an extension added to the solutions offered by the Polish educational publication, providing access to common functionality used in Learning Management Systems.

    Built by Betacom, the learning module provides the functionality of a digital content repository with rich content structuring capabilities.

    Betacom has been working on the German implementation of Eduwarebox since 2019. After the creation of a ready-made system for an educational start-up in Germany, we began to work on further development of the framework.

    The development of the Eduwarebox components has helped to reduce costs and speed up the launch of other types of education platforms. Together with our distribution partner, Clevis, we started offering our solution to other customers in German-speaking markets.

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    How to quickly and effectively build scalable educational applications?

    Organizations that want to provide modern educational tools have to face high costs and the long time needed to produce them.


    We present a unique tool that allows you to create educational portals from ready-made modules, build knowledge-bases and support new forms of teaching.


    It allows you to easily create comprehensive and easy-to-use educational applications while maintaining full control over costs.


    At the same time, it shortens the delivery time to introduce a pilot project or ready-made solution to the market, minimizes the risk of making technological investments and enables the development and adaptation of the application to new requirements in the future.


    Finally, it reduces the costs associated with the ongoing maintenance and future development of educational applications.

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    What should a modern Educational application development framework be characterize by?

    The development, maintenance and development of modern education applications requires the use of technologies that enable them to operate quickly, efficiently and economically.


    We present a complete platform that enables developers to quickly build dedicated solutions based on pre-defined components.


    The use of micro-service technology and a user interface as a modular SPA web application makes work extremely fast and costs are reduced.


    In this way, you can create scalable solutions with no architectural constraints and easily modify applications without having to rewrite the entire code.


    At the same time, vendors of such platforms can offer support for developers in designing and building applications.

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