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How to quickly and effectively build scalable educational applications?

Organizations that want to provide modern educational tools have to face high costs and the long time needed to produce them.


We present a unique tool that allows you to create educational portals from ready-made modules, build knowledge-bases and support new forms of teaching.


It allows you to easily create comprehensive and easy-to-use educational applications while maintaining full control over costs.


At the same time, it shortens the delivery time to introduce a pilot project or ready-made solution to the market, minimizes the risk of making technological investments and enables the development and adaptation of the application to new requirements in the future.


Finally, it reduces the costs associated with the ongoing maintenance and future development of educational applications.

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    What should a modern Educational application development framework be characterize by?

    The development, maintenance and development of modern education applications requires the use of technologies that enable them to operate quickly, efficiently and economically.


    We present a complete platform that enables developers to quickly build dedicated solutions based on pre-defined components.


    The use of micro-service technology and a user interface as a modular SPA web application makes work extremely fast and costs are reduced.


    In this way, you can create scalable solutions with no architectural constraints and easily modify applications without having to rewrite the entire code.


    At the same time, vendors of such platforms can offer support for developers in designing and building applications.

    Fill out the form and use the knowledge we have gained while running our projects.

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