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The implementation of the Eduwarebox


VIKI is a system-based learning solution that provides a learning and collaboration environment between schools and publishers.

The platform has been implemented for the Ministry of Education in Slovakia and currently has more than 700 000 users. It is designed to engage students and support distance learning with digital tools.


The platform is simple, intuitive, and with its open architecture, Eduwarebox is fully integrated with external tools to support work, including Microsoft O365 and the Central Student Information System.

A comprehensive digital environment provides a rich, interactive library of digital content and the ability to easily create, combine and present content to users.


The open, micro-service-based system architecture gives VIKI exceptional scalability and speed-of-operation which positively impact the user experience for teachers.

Teachers have the ability to use content from among others, the Ministry of Education Library, and securely connect and add resources from external services to the classroom scenarios. They can also build their own content using the content editor available in the platform.


Eduwarebox allows users to search for content by keyword, core curriculum, and license type.


Access to the VIKI platform is possible via browser and mobile applications (iOS, Android).


The learning materials are organized according to the national education program and the national curriculum. The platform also supports a special digital display of books, magazines and manuals. Educational content can be easily searched and filtered by category and keyword.

Teachers can assign specific online tasks to students, groups, and classes. Tasks are automatically graded, and students, teachers, and parents have visibility into results and achievements.

Kozmix has been used for the following projects::

  1. My First School.
    The aim of the project was to provide teachers with modern teaching materials and a complete service supporting their work and improving teaching.
  2. Knowledge of finances
    During the course of two academic years, 700 schools from all over Slovakia participated in a project aimed at developing the financial knowledge of students in primary school classes III and IV. The project combines school and home activities with creative fun and interactive activities.The aim of the project was to provide teachers with modern teaching materials and a complete service supporting their work and improving teaching.
  3. Environmental protection.
    During the 2017/2018 school year, 350 schools from all over Slovakia participated in a project aimed at environmental education for school pupils in classes III and IV of primary schools. The project combined school and non-school activities with creative fun and interactive activities.

Educational Platform

The authorities of the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship have prepared and implemented a program to improve the quality of education in primary and secondary schools called the Digital School of Wielkopolska@ 2020. The program, co-financed by the European Union, aims to develop digital competences for teachers and students from more than 600 schools in the region.


The method used to achieve this goal was the independent performance of groups of students on various education projects under the supervision of teachers, the work being carried out according to scripts prepared by scientists from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, who also supervise the implementation of these projects and support the participants.


Betacom S.A. created a dedicated IT tool, “Educational Platform”, that is used by all participants in the Digital School of Wielkopolska@ 2020.


The Education Platform provides a set of tools to help project teams work together, such as a file repository to share a variety of project materials, a note and article editor, where teams work together to develop project artefacts, and a variety of communication capabilities that allow teams to stay in touch.


Providing the ability to communicate and share became particularly crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic, which despite schools being closed, pupils and teachers were able to maintain the continuity of their teaching processes, precisely through solutions such as those prepared by Betacom S.A. Educational Platform of the Digital School of Wielkopolska@ 2020.

Educational LMS

The learning LMS is an extension added to the solutions offered by the Polish Educational Publisher, providing access to common functionality used in Learning Management Systems.


The mentioned Publisher is also one of the largest Polish producers of integrated information systems for educational establishments in the K-12 segment.


Betacom developed the training module, which extends the functionality of the products offered by the publishing house, provides the functionality of a digital content repository, where the rich ability to structure stored content is complemented by the functionality of effectively filtering and searching for those resources.


With Collections, Tasks, and Checks, teachers can create any kind of their own content based on resources from an internal repository, as well as external sources (e.g. YouTube streaming services, Vimeo, and also specialized services such as geogebra.org).


Once the content has been sent to the students, the teacher is able to monitor how students use the content as well as how they are performing. In this way, teachers can adapt their working methods to the individual student’s needs and respond quickly to any problems that students encounter in proceeding to further topics.


Betacom has been working on the German implementation of Eduwarebox since 2019. After the creation of a ready-made system for an educational start-up in Germany, we began to work on further development of the framework.


The first German implementation was designed for teachers and students. It offers a unique tool that enables your to create your own educational portals, create a knowledge base and improve new forms of learning.

The further development of the Eduwarebox components has reduced costs and accelerated the launch of other types of education platforms. Together with our distribution partner, Cevis, we started offering our solution to other customers in German-speaking markets.


Eduwarebox now allows you to automate the construction of the entire service architecture, taking into account its unique character and business objectives. At the same time, it is a modern alternative to existing, well-known solutions. It offers an opportunity to digitize the publishing industry effectively and to respond to the needs of the education system at all levels of education.

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