Eduwarebox is a powerful rapid development framework that lets you create comprehensive educational solutions at warp speed and save your resources.

No matter how modest or prodigious your projects are, exploit the modularity, open architecture and unbounded scalability of Eduwarebox.


Performance and Scalability

Speed and Reliability inbuilt by conscious design – micro-services architecture, noSQL, SPA UI, responsive and mobile friendly – perfect performance regardless of number of users, data complexity or volume.

Future-proof technology stack

Competences come and go. With people. Eduwarebox will stay with you continuously upgrading itself in the background.

Integration With Everything

Open architecture allows you to modify or add other technological solutions and more importantly – eliminate vendor lock issue.

Container based deployment

Error-free deployment of your solution across cloud or on-premises environments.

Data Security

No compromise. The highest security standards applied.

Provided under white-label

Build inspiring customized solutions. Nurture your brand, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What others have already created leverages Eduwarebox capabilities.

EduwareBox  - Revolutionary Modular EduApps Engine

Unlock the power of EduwareBox - a set of readymade microservices and UI modules enabling much faster and cost-efficient development of tailored educational solutions. It’s a comprehensive mix of knowledge, experience, competences and modern technology that grows with you and your needs.

  • User Data Management

    Users repository, organisational structure, groups creation and management.

  • Real-time communication environment

    Communicator (chat/audio/video), educator-student live sessions, group collaboration.

  • Educational content creation module

    Authoring tools (interactive content creation, ad-hoc quizzes, presentations, play lists), interactive books design.

  • Content Management

    Content distribution management and licensing, multi-tree content organization, dedicated content players.

  • Learning workflow management

    Assignments (classwork and homework builder and scheduler), class/group collaboration, students’ progress tracking.

  • Your desired functionality

    Easy management and data collection, perfect communication and scheduling.

If your mission is to deliver the best edu app ever, but at the same time to enhance your in-house productivity, optimize IT costs, reduce time2market of your piloting or full-scale solutions, minimize technological investments risks in the mid and long-term perspective and/or to secure the best future proof technology stack enabling operational resilience and ad hoc scalability – you would probably need a “Holy Grail”… or Eduwarebox.

Your success is our bottom line.

“Digital Natives” explore the world in an entirely new way and they have high technology centred expectations towards modern educational solutions. Organisations serving educational market today must adapt quicker, smarter and more effectively to succeed with their digital products. They need flexibility and resilience – exactly what Eduwarebox was created for.

We would never claim that we invented the big red Easy Button but we’ve made sure that Eduwarebox really helps you with the jobs-to-be-done. Of course, discussions, workshops and proofs of concept will always be a part of innovation journey. And this is great, as close collaboration is the key ingredient to making great things happen.

We are here for you beyond just coding – ready to share our knowledge, experience and best practices required to deliver exactly what is needed to unleash the power of technology in education.

Simplify your job with Eduwarebox.

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