World Phenomena

World Phenomena is a platform focused on interdisciplinary teaching. It offers teachers an efficient tool for innovative, attractive and modern teaching.

Fenomeny Sveta offers education based on empirical learning, which explains a given subject to students through their own experiences supported by BBC’s world-class educational videos.

Thanks to World Phenomena, everyday teaching turns into a journey to the limits of human knowledge.

Teamwork, developing skills needed to live and work in the 21st century, critical thinking and innovative teaching methods are the crucial elements of school subjects that motivate children to think in context.

The eduwarebox architecture based on micro services used to create the World Phenomena platform enables integration with external tools and allows for easy access to resources, including:

  • BBC videos
  • Interactive exercises
  • Educational games with elements of gamification
  • Video libraries with accompanying information
  • Guides


Eduwarebox modules used in the project:

  • Content library
  • Tasks
  • Students and groups
  • Content licensing
  • Reporting and analysis

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